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Which documents required to submit for CHANGE of a FOREIGN COMPANY ?

  1. Filled in Form XL: Notice of alteration in charter, etc. [Section 277].

  2. Filled in Form XLI: Notice of alteration in the address of the registered or principal office of company [Section 277].

  3. Filled in Form XLII: Notice of situation of the principal place of business in Bangladesh or of any change therein [Section 379 (I)]

  4. Filled in Form XXXVIII: List of Directors and Managers [Section 379]

  5. Filled in Form XXXIX: Return of persons authorized to accept service [Section 379].

  6. Filled in Form XVIII - Particulars of mortgages or charges: to be filed within 21 days of creation of the mortgage or charge [Section 159 & 391]

  7. Filled in Form XIX - Particulars of Modification of Mortgage or Charge: to be filed within 21 days of modification [Section 167(3) & 319]

  8. Filled in Form XXVIII - Memorandum of satisfaction of mortgage charge: to be filed within 21 days of satisfaction [Section 12 & 391]

  9. Digital copy of original Memorandum & Articles of Association